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UnemployedProfessors.com Review

UnemployedProfessors.com Review
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Rating: 3

Company Overview

The company is a moderately new one since it appeared somewhere in 2013 according to the earliest mention of the service. The company’s motto is that you can go play while they are working on your papers. The company has entered the custom market with such a humorous motto. However, according to the positive reviews the company has, many customers are satisfied with the services provided. To evaluate the company’s services on our own and to be objective in our judgments, we have decided to place an order and check on the custom writing quality. 

From what we have observed, the company lacks professionalism in designing its website since it has a lot of inappropriate statements and visuals that may not be treated seriously. Moreover, we have noticed that the writers’ personnel mainly comprises of unemployed professors and freelancers. We doubt whether people without adequate qualification can be trusted in terms of academic writing.

Website Usability

For some people, the website might seem unique and interesting but on the whole it looks unprofessional. We would really hesitate whether the company is worth ordering from them. The design does not look like the one developed for a reputable and expert service. Nonetheless, it has all the important information and quite interesting and appealing content.



It may sound strange but we have not found any company guarantees. Still, it is a sign that the company does not provide any empty promises for clients.


The company provides a wide range of academic writing services. On the whole, you will not be definitely limited in paper choice. Since the company is an example of a bidding custom writing service, you can ask writers whether they can provide papers of the required types. All that will be expected from you is just to pay the price. 

UnemployedProfessors.com is a custom writing service for students of different academic levels. The company provides expert help with dissertations, thesis papers, term papers, research papers, numerous types of essays and many other academic papers. More so, apart from writing, the company specializes in editing and proofreading. The company’s website contains a full description of the services. Moreover, it is clearly stated that the company’s custom writing is completed by writers who are native speakers of English. Furthermore, the company guarantees that each writer employed by them is properly qualified.

UnemployedProfessors.com Services

Our Order

Despite the fact that we did not get a good first impression from the website, we still decided to place an order. We really hoped that, if the company promises that all of its writers are professors, our paper will be of exceptional quality. However, it was not. It was literally the worst paper we have ever read. There were only a few grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as some errors in spelling but the main issue was with the paper content. It was just the worst paper ever. The paper was not even of college level. There was no clear discussion, the paper lacked focus, and the ideas were not presented in a logical way. It seemed that the writer had superficial knowledge of the subject.

Order Payment and Special Offers

There are no clearly outlined prices for the range of services. As a matter of fact, clients have to wait for writers’ bids after they have placed their orders. This approach to order payment policy proves to be really time-consuming and ineffective particularly for students who need a paper urgently. For example, we had to wait for more than half an hour before we received the first bid. 

To check the quality of services, we ordered a coursework on the topic of American history. The 7-page paper had to be delivered within 7 days. The writer who agreed to work on the paper wrote us a message saying, “Pay me $175 and I will complete the paper by tomorrow.” Unfortunately, there were no other bids and we had to accept this one.

Free Services

We have not noticed any extra featured while we were placing our order.

UnemployedProfessors.com Support


It seems that the company has put some efforts to create the website and originate this service but overall we were not satisfied with it. The writing quality is worse than we expected and this bidding system can literally drive one crazy. You do not know how much money you will spend on the order unless you see the bids.